Friday, January 9, 2009

From slumber to Midnight Adventure...

Hmmm... last night was suppose to be an intensifying midnight touge battle... as Kona was also available and ready to fire up his Hidari Olenge against our Flying Circus that just came out from the workshop xD

But as it turned out, when we were waiting for him at our rendezvous point he was unable to make it because apparently his parents forbids him T.T

Oh well... one thing we learned the hard way, never go against your parents words, something bad is definitely going to happen XS

So off we went full pack car (the back seat of the FC is definitely not 'back' friendly T.T ) to Putra jaya to kill off time while waiting the Bangi Touge to clear out since Mantin seems to be too far away for a packed FC xD

There was a lot of cops that night at Putra jaya O.o anyway we kill our time there until 1/2 hour past midnight and heads back to Bangi, dropped Jr Turbo on the way and off to the Touge!!!

We didnt bring any camera what so ever ( so sorry no pictures or video ) and for me it was not a full blow touge attack, just to let off some steam >.< My first run ended uneventful, just some tyres screeching and nothing much, but when Keisuke was behind the wheel he was like posses... Last time around he was not pushing the FC at the limit, this time he was driving with as little reservation as possible... shifting only at redline and playing the revs constantly at 6~7k O.o He was getting a little too excited throwing the tail at the exits in the end we SPUN!!!! xD hahahahha... luckily there was no civilian car, he did not spun at the MINT corner but at another corner.... man its scary to be in a car that just lost control and heading to the wall O.o Anyway, Keisuke quickly kills speed and stop the spin before we all go to kingdom come xD After his first run and that experience, we just call it a night xD Hahahahaha.... rather uneventful night turn into something like this, now Keisuke has joined the elites of those that has spun at the Bangi Touge^^ So far the list as I know is as below : Me - 2 time spun with the KANCIL 660. - 3 time spun with the MAZDA FC3S. Zid - 2 time spun with the 1.6 WIRA. - 1 time spun with the MAZDA FC3S. Keisuke - 1 time spun with the MAZDA FC3S. (haha... it seems I still top the list xD ) Bangi crash point
(Hmmm.... it looks like we spun at almost all the corners xD, I guess it just shows our level of inexperience T.T )

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