Friday, August 1, 2008

RedSuns Machines!!!

Okay... now I'm getting bored again, so ANOTHER post!!!!! xD

It's back to work for me and normal peaceful life for Keisuke and Cloud^^
Hope you guys are doing fine there, and take good care of the FC ;-)

As the title mentioned, this post is dedicated to the tortured machines of us RedSuns^^
Tortured, battered and left to scream in agonizing pain is what happened to most of our street machines with the FC being no exception to our unending lust for crazy adrenaline rush and spine chilling excitement xD

First off : The Touge Machines aka Battle Gears...

Mazda RX-7 FC3S "Shiro Suisei"
The best of our machines line up so far, engine is stock with a detuned turbo boost of 0.5bar
Extremely agile in terms of our skills and still learning to drive the car to its full potential^^
Currently the FC is undergoing "rehabilitation" after its too close encounter with the Touge hill wall :-P
Its now full of bruise and scars and we need to dig deep in our wallet to patch up the FC to be Touge worthy again, so far... any plan to beautify the FC has taken a backseat xP

Perodua Kancil L2 Turbo "Turbo Junior"
The useless beast of burden... the tires are too wide for the body, and the suspension is even higher than stock O.o
Feels like it can blast off into space xD it tends to overheat on every touge session we brought it... which is not much xD
This Kancil has gone through all kinds of mods that even dwarfed the FC in the tuning department, too bad none has been done to fix the wide tyres and suspension problem :-(
The turbo boost is set at 1.0 bar, but the car tends to vibrate dangerously approaching 160km/h xD
In other words... this car totally sucks!!! T.T but its rather cool to drive, with its blow off valve louder than its exhaust note xD
Daddy Turbo and Junior Turbo
Bid daddy turbo with little Junior Turbo

Next in line : The Scouting Gears...

Proton Iswara 1.3 "Meteorain"
A pure survivor... even after all the torments we put it through... it still pulls us through^^ through Genting and Frasier and back, 320km in one night^^... all with a leaking gasket and carbon build ups 3 times thicker than its valve and an overdue service xD
This car belongs to Cloud, currently in progress to patch the car up after decades of loyal service and negligence to his family^^ now it is officially Cloud's car and responsibility... and finally having the attention it deserves to make it ROAD worthy xD
The car is currently under going a full engine overhaul, but the good thing about the Meteorain is the In Car Entertainment (ICE^^) system... the car's audio has been progressively upgraded by Cloud through the blood and sweat of his brothers and sisters from whom Cloud applies his loan xD
The car may forever remain our scouting machines or may be upgraded to be Touge worthy... depends on Cloud's plan for his gear, in the meanwhile it is loyally serving us in our numerous scouting expeditions^^
Meteorain!! Banzai!!! xD
Using GPRS
Meteorain in action in one of our Scouting Expedition^^

Perodua Kancil 660 "Howling Banshee"
This was our first Touge Machine, loyally screaming through the busy touge of Bangi during our early Touge years xD
This car has been downgraded to scouting gear because of the period in which it is neglected and now screams with all kind of pain that even scare us whether the steering wheel can hold on or not xD
This car was originally under my care during my studying years, but since I have started working, the car falls into negligence in my family and now almost everything about the car is not right... from the steering rack to the drive shaft all the way to the suspension, it keeps on creaking and screaming weird noises that worries us all the time T.T
The car receives its name from the Howling scream of its engine produced when driven at its limit, the engine is left stock... only that is has always been overdue for service even sometimes up to 5000 km more than the original mileage for service, thus the engine produces weird howling noise...
The only mod the car has gone through was a stiffer suspension, which I was able to convince my father to installed it after the original suspension has leaks and failed early in its lifetime^^
But currently the car is starting to get the attention again back home, with my mother started to seriously patching up the car since she is using it all the time nowadays ;-)
Anyway, Howling Banshee... GAMBATTE!!!!! ^^ Arigatou for all the years you taught us how to drive and acquire all the skills that we currently have... ARIGATOU!!!! ^^
The Howling Banshee
The rear end of the Howling Banshee, since the front end is too ugly and does not pass our censorship board xD

To Zid:
p/s - Come on and join us in our Touge with your lightly modded Wira, its gonna be fun^^ Accidents can happen to anyone so don't brood over it for too long, we're starting to miss ya xD


  1. ah i forgot to tell you, it was not "a leaking gasket", but actually it was "a FEW leaking gasketS" =p

  2. Hahahaha point taken xD
    So how is the Meteorain now? How much is the overhaul?