Saturday, August 9, 2008

The best of F1

Yeah.... I just got bored again xD

So in my boredom I browse through lots and lots of YouTube video, and stumble upon my old passion.... F1

My very first passion of racing started in 1999 during the inaugural Sepang F1 Grand Prix, and the image of Micheal Schumacher blazing the track was unforgettable...

Obviously Micheal Schumacher is my favourite F1 heroes, but there are those in history that deserve respect... and none more deserve respect than the late Ayrton Senna.

Senna was involved in the development of the Honda NSX Type-R, which is why the car is considered to be one of the best handling cars of its time... notice how he controlled his drift through the corners, incredible racing drift technique^^

And here is one of the saddest moment in F1 history, the San Marino Grand Prix of 1994, 2 drivers died in that race,Roland Ratzenberger during practice and Ayrton Senna during the race T.T

After I started getting the drift fever, F1 started to lose its appeal to me... and eventually I lost interest in it due to the fact that several rules and regulation that was really outrageous were made to dent Ferrari dominance, some of it was so dumb that they were applied only for several races and a couple of seasons, and now the sport have turned from a sprinting race to more of a marathon... T.T

But after learning all the racing techniques and theories, F1 is once again the epitome of speed and car control techniques in my view... of course after looking back the old clips in YouTube xD

And Micheal Schumacher is one heck of a driver, some may say that his dominance was because there was no real rivals to challenge him and that his driving was without soul and he's fast just because Ferrari is fast etc, etc...

They can make all kind of excuses, but Ferrari didn't become dominant by chance... and Micheal stack all those World Title not because there was no real rivals, simply because he was so far ahead of the rest... people can criticize him for driving without soul or winning just because Ferrari is fast, try to look back during the days when Ferrari was a back end team when he first joined it, or when he was with Benetton, even in 2000 when he won his 3rd world titles, his Ferrari was slower than Hakkinen's McLaren by almost 10km/h on the straights... he was just simply fast.

Mind you, I don't mean any disrespect for Hakkinen... he was obviously a fast driver... so fast that after he retired, no one could actually mount a sustained title challenge to Schumacher... I have all my respect to Hakkinen, and to all the F1 drivers in the world... they are truly a cut above the rest

Just as Jackie Stewart say : The transformation of the Ferrari team was Schumacher's greatest feat ^^

Here are some interesting clips I dug out from YouTube about the man^^ :

Waaa!!! So much more to learn about driving... these drivers are simply amazing!!!

And as a tribute to Micheal, here is a clip of his last race at Interlagos where his performance was classified in the press as "heroic", an "utterly breath-taking drive", and a "performance that ... sums up his career"

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