Monday, December 17, 2012

Zero To Hundred Time To Attack

 December 16th 2012, a date that will live in infamy :D

We were expected to participate in the Time Attack event at Sepang... unfortunately fate has it otherwise.
We were planning of joining the Time Attack with Hau's FD3S Time Attack Machine, but administratively and some funny twist of fate we were unable to attack Sepang with the FD3S >.<

Before I can go into details of how our day turned out, some sneak peak of how Trouble is coming along... she is almost near completion, a monster in the making :D
 Some of the new body parts that she will be wearing :) original RE-Amemiya parts directly from Japan ^^
New piping for the front mounted intercooler... the intercooler is taken from an R32 GTR, for better protection it is mounted well inside the chassis front bar... but because the intercooler was so big we had to cut the sides to enable it to fit within the front bar.... :)
A better view of the new engine bay... currently we have only installed a single oil cooler which is clearly visible in the picture, but a secondary cooler will be installed once we've finalize the body kit and ducting :)

Soon she will be prowling the touge again, and hopefully we wont be directional challenged again to find her in the hard end of a mountain side :P

Now while working on her completion, Hau has decided to join the Sepang Time Attack with his FD3S track car... with us at the helm.
Unfortunately I came back from Australia a little too late to confirm our participation and there was nothing we could do about the administrative side of things...

Here is a sneak peak vid of the Time Attack at Sepang... its getting a little late and I will need to wrap things rather quickly. I'll go into the details on the next post, and hopefully the full vid will be ready then :-P


  1. next year i will join the fun too.. Hau told me you will in NA category.

  2. Yup, planning to join the time attack next year :)
    The Old Lady will need a rebuild and this time with an NA heart :D
    Just noticed your silver FD at the shop... nice build btw ;)

  3. that project was abandoned for years. Early this year, hau was kind enough to take care of her. Now i think we have 4 legs will abuse their women in track.