Thursday, May 31, 2012

The road to perdition...

Even though our progress has been very slow at best, but it seems our "Mech" Hau wants nothing short of perfect...
He has impeccably re-treaded all the screw holes in the chassis and will be replacing them with new screws, he has cleaned and re-sprayed the entire front axle that you can see from the pic above makes it look like brand spanking new o.O
All the main bushings has been changed to new Super Pro Racing Bushings as well :P

The rear axle will also receive the same treatment as the front, except that we're waiting for the arrival of a new 2 way Cusco LSD to make the rear end complete^^

But the main goliath of our journey back to the lion's den is the completion of Kate's engine^^
This heart of the beast has new anodized pulleys and belts as well as....
Our new Techtronic Turbo.... all that we need for her new heart now is the missing intercooler and oil cooler that we left back at Tekali a few months back :P

She's also lacking the anti-roll bars... the stock anti-roll bars are just too thin and unfortunately Kate's previous anti-roll bar has been damaged and bent from our last adventure :(
Buying new sets cost a whopper so we're still on a look out for some bargained price item :P

It seems Trouble may not be complete by the time my days off is up, but we're just making sure that everything is done right the first time around... although we had all kind of planned event participation with her it seems we won't be meeting the deadline after all :P

Anyhow, these are just small updates of our small progress on getting back to the touge trail with some sideshow in our life ;)
Keisuke has become the icon of Sasuke Malaysia with his return of Ultraman bin Seven parody :P


  1. WHY MUST YOU PUT THAT PICTURE HERE???!!!! O.O ON THE INTERNET??!!!! now i have no choice but to go around with a paper bag over my face T.T

  2. I think that's a high point in your career :P