Sunday, August 28, 2011

The precipituous peaks

Before the Ramadhan, and before sending Kate again to the workshop :-p I managed to squeeze one last hurrah from Kate X-p

We were finally able to visit the infamous Genting Sempah touge, where Touge G had made it their home :-p and so what better guide to show us the way than the landlords themselves X-p or in this case, touge-lords X-p

And better still, Hanz was able to come along ^^ at the least, if i am to be left behind, I'll still have his company X-p bcoz Hanz never leads on a new route, so if i am to fall behind, i'll be holding him back }:-) hoho..

Anyway, as usual, we were late... :-p even after quite a spirited wangan drive through MMR2 :-p

Well, fortunately we were not the last to arrive X-p they all gathered at the hallowed grounds of the 'Touge Bistro" :-p

The Enthusiasts

"Bila hero 120Y nak datang ni...?"

"Den tak tipu... On the way tadi, Den drift naik bukit turun kat jalan sebelah, nak cepat punya pasal!! " X-p (Note: all conversations are entirely fictional)

Before heading off...

Fans had a good look on the legendary 120Y :-p

After the arrival of the legendary Datsun 120Y, we finally headed off :-)

There was quite a number of us, I didn't really count (not really good at it anyway :-p) but it's safe to say that there were probably about 10 or more cars in our group...

Before we really took off, there was the ritual visit to the nearest gas station X-p

Don't ask why he's filling up the car like that... :-p

Kate doing what Kate does best... posing for the camera :-p

Meeting with the fans (of course that's totally untrue... X-p)

One of the cars broke down... :-p

And there are more onlookers (me included X-p) than actual helpers...

There was quite a lot of time on hand... to get to know each other :-p (and yes, there's even a lady X-p) "hello baby..." X-p (Note: neither she nor I was available anyway X-p)

There was SO much time, that Kate decided to get a little naughty by slipping up her skirts :-p

After quite a futile attempt to get the broken down car running (and after posing quite a nuisance to the visitors of the station as we were clogging up the space :-p) we finally decided that resistance is futile, and abandoned the car to her gravely fate X-p

And finally headed off... :-p

After going through the highway and trunk roads (and some villages as well :-p) we finally reached the start of the infamous Genting Sempah touge...

The starting grid..

The drama at the paddock.. X-p

Hanz's impeccable Neo CPS..

Kate's glowing sexy buttocks :-p

And luscious flowing eyelashes... X-p

After the paddock visit is over, it was time to move... "Drivers at the ready!!"

And then we're off!! X-)

Kate being the overwhelming monster that she is, makes the event not really a test of her limits, but reconnaissance of the touge itself :-p

To be fair, the Touge G and gang are superb drivers. Having been in this dangerous hobby as long or probably even longer than ourselves, they are good at attacking the touge as any other serious enthusiast...

However, limited by the power of their ride, and further compounded by the fact that it's a hill climb, they're not really going at speeds that would challenge the limits of Kate's new breast implants and her monstrous new stilettos X-p Kate has SO much grip nowadays, that the speed needed to really make Kate work for those expensive plastic surgeries and stilettos are in the region where my balls don't dare to venture :-p

So it was quite a cruise ride for me ^^ following the Datsun 120Y while enjoying some cowboy country music X-p But i have to hand it to the legendary 120Y, he hardly brake into the corners (up to the point that i thought his brake lights were broken :-p) and took the turns so violently, that his inner front wheel tyres are always up in the air X-p I suppose he's really suffering from roll steer, but heck, it looks cool X-p

Hanz not wanting to spoil his paintjob (as usual) didn't want to follow behind Kate... Being rather infamous for throwing chips of stones to any spirited suitors X-p so he decided to follow the Proton Saga of a fellow enthusiast by the calling of 'Botak' (for obvious reasons :-p)

The touge of Genting Sempah is always a series of turns on a rather tight narrow road... It becomes tighter whenever we crosses a bridge.. :-p interspersed with a few really steep and tight hairpins... If not for following the 120Y, I suppose I would be making my acquaintance with a few trees at the bottom of the dark abyss of Genting Sempah in more than a few places X-p

Being rather steep in the climb at some places makes following the 120Y even more of a breeze :-p Kate being overwhelmingly powerful.. however, at the turns, and even some tight turns, the 120Y dives in like a kamikaze dive bomber without any braking, that even i didn't dare to go so gung-ho that i would slightly tap the brakes X-p (more to make sure that it's still there than to really kill the speed :-p) but Kate's new stilettos are very reassuring X-)

The touge was made even more treacherous by the fact that that is the common route of plying lorries O.O and massive Lori Balaks!! getting caught between the long drop and a squeezing Lori Balak in a tight hairpin is not my idea of fun :-p

The almost sheer vertical wall makes almost every turn a blind corner... So i suppose it's bordering on being suicidally crazy cutting corners like nobody's business.. :-p it seems the touge is also the usual route of the local villagers (like 'duh...' X-p) so we almost nearly hit an oncoming motorcyclist X-(

We reached a right-hander, and the cliff wall was so close to the road, that there's hardly any space with the road... the 120Y dived in, and was about to exit the turn, when suddenly a motorcyclist showed up (I suppose he was also speeding through considering how fast we suddenly came upon each other X-p) I was in the middle of the turn when he suddenly whizzed by :-p the speed he was going was so fast, that i wasn't able to react at all to his sudden passing X-p Thank goodness it's a habit of mine not to cut corners to the limit in a blind turn, so when
he passed by, there's quite a considerable space between me and the cliff road...

His meeting up with Botak is another story X-p Botak was cutting corners to the absolute limit, with no space at all between the tarmac and the little space of grass and the cliff wall... O.O quite a recipe for disaster... Luckily the motorcyclist himself was quite an accomplished rider X-p he was able to drive through that very little space (running on the grass i suppose :-p) with extraordinary precision X-p his face was so close to the cliff wall, that Hanz said he saw the motorcyclist holding the cliff wall with his hands in trying to keep the fine balance of hitting a car or the wall X-p truly a situation of being stuck between a rock and a really hard place X-p luckily he could still stay on the 'between' path :-p my hats off to that great 'Rossi' ^^ (of whom i will call him such as forth :-p not that i know him anyway X-p)

After a while, as we were nearing the end, Botak began to drop behind... Not really sure why, but Hanz said Botak lost his usual pace (he usually could keep up with Kate and the 120Y) that forced Hanz to finally overtook Botak... Hanz's ego now doing the thinking (as usual X-p), he tried to close the gap which Kate and 120Y had built :-p

But not being familiar with the road (since it's our first time) Hanz misjudge a hairpin and ran on the grass at the exit X-p again thank goodness that nothing untoward happened :-p

The 120Y i suppose being very familiar with the road and traffic, overtook the lorries we came across very quickly (and dare i say, almost at the point of being reckless X-p) I wasn't so exuberant about it as he was :-p

When we came upon a lorry at a blind turn, the 120Y overtook the lorry without any hesitation... Me being jaded by the motorcyclist event, couldn't really muster the balls and faith to commit to such a kamikaze move X-p and decided to settle behind the lorry until i know there is a clear road before me...

So the corner turned around VERY slowly X-p that when we finally cleared it and the lorry, the 120Y was no longer in sight X-p and it was at this time that Hanz finally manage to come up to Kate :-p

A few metres down the road, we came across another lorry X-p after making sure that there's no traffic coming up, we then overtook the lorry... and came into a highway (I suppose that's why the 120Y dived ahead of the lorry almost suicidally... he knew that there would not be any incoming traffic i suppose :-p)

The 120Y was no where in sight, and to make matters worst, the road turned into a downhill course X-( Still being traumatized by the experience, decided to take the course very gently :-p and braking at the slightest hint of the road turning into a corner X-p the fact that there was an open gutter right beside the road is not really comforting X-p

But that was the last stretch and we finally hit the end when we came upon the Genting Sempah R&R area :-) Because Hanz had some appointment with some friends, we decided to forgo the downhill attack (which i think it's just crazy X-p) and went back through the Karak highway... Hanz being extremely fast and crazy at the Karak Highway, that he went through it at 200++ Kph O.O not really having the balls to follow, he naturally left me behind :-p

Then it was a long night of shisha hopping and boasting X-p haha... anyway, it was a great drive all in all :-) the Touge G and gang truly are crazy enthusiasts X-p I suppose if we went for the downhill attack, i would be more than sweating trying to keep up :-p considering how crazy these fellows are X-p

Anyway, here's a compilation of the vid ^^ it's my first time using a software i am entirely unfamiliar :-p not that i ever made any good vids in the first place X-p it's not as poetic as Ryosuke's vids, nor as epic as Takashi's, but still, at least it's a vid X-p

(note: pictures courtesy of Takashi of Touge G :-)

Till next time ^^

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