Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Driving issues....

Well awhile back it seems we were having self-confidence issue concerning our driving technique...

It seems the accident Keisuke had last year has affected everyone one way or another... both physically and mentally...
Keisuke was in a dump... and for me, for something to happened to my nearest rival... even I started to have self-doubt concerning our level of driving technique...

Coupled with the fact Old Kate suddenly had power bump after another... she was turning into a real monster before we know it... and making our self-esteem taking a nose dive and our balls turn into the size of peanuts...>.<

But lately... after so many countless hours driving her, testing her and refining her.... it seems we may have found the light at the end of the tunnel...^^
For us modding her, we are no longer in the realm of small horse-power... we have entered into the dangerous world of high powered machines... so she would need the best to contain her...
No more cheap-o second hand tyres that has very little grip... no more banana chasis and kamikaze steering:P

She's now equipped with a very powerful chasis and tyres to catch up with the very powerful heart... the only thing she's lacking are modern electronics that makes driving monsters like her a breeze.. somethings like ABS, EBD or traction control, but not having those electronics only makes us driving her all the more sweeter :D
Becoz if she goes fast... we know its not just the car ;)
Notice how high she stands now... she's no longer a track focused car but a streetable touge monster^^

Lately we have been going for some touge action... testing her at Tekali during daytime and testing her at Kuala Kelawang with some new friends... the Touge G and co. :)
 Hardcore Touge Enthusiasts at its best^^
Kate is doing what she is born to do... tearing up the touge at break neck speed^^
 Semi slick goodness^^
 After so many months only communicating via the web and smses, finally we were able to meet up :P

p/s : pics courtesy of Taka Fuji from Touge G
What I've found out from those touge actions, lately driving Kate is no longer scary... and we are getting comfortable controlling her 300 whp at the touge... her brake feel and the enormous grip those semi-slicks provide...
We've gotten back to our pre-accident days of confidence driving her... controlling the minute slide the car goes into corner... threshold braking with those big brakes and catching those big slides... even when the tires lock under braking no longer makes us panic...
All are starting to become natural again^^

Keisuke is finally getting some glimpse of his former glory... albeit his self-confidence is a mere shadow of his former self... but we are slowly getting out of the rut...

Thank god... so what we have learned coming out from our depression state?
It seems once we have jumped higher than 200hp, with a classic suspension and chasis with no electronic aids... our driving style will just have to get smoother... everything will have to be smooth so as to not upset the balance of the car...
Now we understand how important it is for smooth driving style and feel...

But still... even after all these years, if you ask us who is the fastest we've seen at the touge, it still is Richard and his monstrous Subaru Ver 8 Spec C... he is so fast, Keisuke was not even able to match his speed at Kuala Kelawang when Keisuke was attacking with all the road available while Richard was maintaining a single lane attack >.<

I guess we still have a lot to learn... seeing how fast those guys are really make us see the difference between heaven and earth >.<


  1. oh my, haha .the ones participate is not just touge-g. in fact there only just 2 or 3 touge-g members that is present, the other masters are from team notty EPMC, huhu.

  2. Huuu... really? My bad... I never know xD
    To be honest we only know Taka from Touge G :P

    Anyway, thanks for pointing it out... its fixed ;)

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  4. What do you mean "we've gotten back to our pre-accident days"? :-p it's only you bro.. i'm still in the dumps X-p being in the state that i am, the brake is my best friend :-p haha... hopefully but surely i'll climb back ^^ till then, hope i won't crash Kate again X-p
    p.s. previous comment had a lot of spelling error X-p had to delete so as to not embarrass myself... :-p

  5. driving fast a 300hp machine in wet is awesome! not average people even me could do that...SALUTE bro!

  6. Actually she is much easier to drive now... even if any of you guys are to take behind her wheel would probably do even better than us....

  7. Awesome blog for petrol heads and what a nice car!