Saturday, May 3, 2014

The great Malaysian dream xD

Well we've finally done it, last April we participated in our very first Time Attack event outside of our imaginary world (/・・)ノ
The Zero To Hundred Time To Attack at our very own 'Sipang' international circuit ♪(┌・。・)┌

As usual our morning start late.... quite late, that we almost missed the registration time (*/∇\*)
But fate would have us participate it so... whether its a good thing or bad, we still don't have a clue...

I was still suffering from jet lag, Keisuke still had to do his Sugar Rush Deliveries and Katyusha is still suffering with some kind of electrical gremlin that just shorted her Twin Spark relay, right after her Dyno test o.O as well as some other light bulbs with it xD
Katyusha at the dyno....
Due to that electrical gremlin, most of the time just standing there looking pretty :P
 As usual with any dyno shop, you're bound to run into very cool cars :D
A black and white R34, why? Becoz Race Car!!!! xD

And her clutch was still suffering from heat strokes now and then as well, so with only one evening left before the time attack, we quickly send her over to our friendly neighborhood mechanic Hau to have her clutch system checked.
Her clutch pump being cleaned, although weirdly he seems to be enjoying himself doing it :P
The clutch pump dissembled and had its fluid and piston changed as well
And while we're at it, the brake fluid was changed out as well to new Mu performance brake fluids ;)

Hau and the geng was also preparing their demo car for the upcoming Time Attack event, although they did nothing to the engine and suspensions, but they were to test out the black art of aerodynamics (^~^)
The front under panel
With its massive front splitter :)
 Wheel well exits
And an all-home made rear diffuser xD
This is the final product >)
With new liveries ;)
And she is still street legal, all her interiors and carpets are still intact.... so still legit xD
As for our champ, after his previous time attack event he blew his engine... so its now having a new heart ;)
But unfortunately, during the morning track day session he blew off his turbo :(
So this monster FD was unable to participate in the time attack T.T

As usual, Amazing Garage joined the time attack together with Wing Hin Motorsport and ProArt, but Wing Hin is only fielding its time attack FT86 this time ;)
While ProArt fields their monster Volkswagen Golf R, 400hp, 4 wheel drive with a brake system as expensive as a Toyota Vios even with discount xD
This monster dominated its category with William Ho at its helm, producing a class winning lap of 2:27.063, 3 seconds ahead of its nearest rival ;)

Unfortunately the Time Attack category is very competitive this time around, with the FT86 only coming in second in its class 2200cc and below with a time of 2:33.134, almost 3 second short of the class leader a Honda Civic FD2-R....

As for our SuperStar Amazing Garage demo car, things in the morning were looking grim as well, during the morning track day session her air intake fell off and got caught with the beltings, which literally destroyed its beltings and the air filter...
 Hau and the crew had to make a last minute overhaul for all its beltings and install new air intake filter while we just slack off and take pretty pictures :P
But when her session is up, Kenny Lee (the OP driver xD) waste no time in producing the class winning lap of 2:22.328.
Although she was not as dominant as last year, but it was enough to secure the win from the GME Racing Honda Civic EK9 Turbo that produce a time of 2:23.798.

As is the tradition with the ZtH Time Attack, GTRs and supercars are aplenty ;)
 The fastest GTR of the day produces an amazing laptime of 2:17.653, but it was still not enough to beat the ST Powered EVO 9 that produces a stunning time of 2:16.297....
With 800hp on tap, the EVO9 must be using lab rats to spool its turbos to produce that kind of lap time xD
I have no idea why these military camouflage seems to be all the rage with the GTRs this year...
 Mind you, some of them do look.... OK...
But some are just.... for lack of better words... downright ugly >.<
But there are still GTRs there with some common sense of beauty :D
The McLaren MC12... the product of a failed F1 program, since McLaren no longer really perform in F1 they have dedicated their attention in producing stunning road cars xD
Ferraris are always stunning, even not in their traditional blood red colour :D
With this kind of beauty in the back, I'd say... "TAKE ALL THE POLAR BEARS YOU NEED!!!!" xD
Some rotaries were there as well other than us and Amazing Garage :)
The R32 GTR seems to be aging very nicely indeed, sadly he does not participate in the time attack but were there only for the morning track day, but still... a GTR is never a sour sight :)

But enough babbling about others at the event, the burning question was how was our time attack event? xD
Well I can't say it went very well from the beginning :P
I was unable to find a Shell pump station that sell their venerated V-Power Racing, so we had to manually fill her up from the extra stock we had on track xD
With our superior sticker technique, Katyusha was looking rather ready for the time attack xD
Notice that nice looking Prince Lubricant sticker? :P
But anyway, to cut it short... we weren't really confident of doing well at all xD
All I was hoping of was to end the day in one piece, after our disastrous track day outing last February, my confidence in bringing her home for at least 1 flying lap was shattered....
The first session ended badly, I noticed the car was skating on the track... she literally had no grip o.O
After a quick check, we found out her tire was over pressurize when it is heated up... about north of 50 psi >.<
We deflated her tires while she is still hot and waited patiently, praying the weather will hold for our 2nd session o.O
On the 2nd session I was becoming rather comfortable with Katyusha around the track, but then again... the tires being almost 1 year old can't produce the same amount of grip we enjoyed last time around... and only after 2 flying laps even Katyusha was suffering from heart burn (engine temp problem) :P
With some squid defensive tactic at the corner entry (producing enough tire smoke to scare off all em fast Evos xD) I was able to produce, a half-decent lap time of 2:46.192.... the only consolation is that we're not dead last in our category xD

I'm getting lazy to continue my narrative report of the Malaysian Dream anyway, so below is a short vid of how our day was.... just don't mind the caption guy, he's just being mean xD


  1. bce ayat2 kat ats tu rse cm 'wow, cool gileeeee'.... tp bile tgok vid tu tkar jdik klakar... caption amunz tu yg x mnahan... k bye... :P

  2. Well with written narration its easy to cloud realities and let imagination fill the gap, but trying to obscure pure raw retardedness in physical media is quite another ball game altogether :P