Friday, December 30, 2011

Life waiting at the fast lane....

A certain famous figure once quote... "Life is racing. Anything before or after is just waiting"

How that turn out to be quite true... unfortunately, if you're not a filthy rich capitalist or a superstar you'll find out that your life will turn out be a lot of waiting....

Ever since Old Kate has made the kiss of death at the touge side wall, we've been slowly trying to rebuild her.... its taking quite some time since I need the dough and I want to fix her right the first time now...

So what have our life as an adrenaline junkie turn out to be while all this waiting... we find another channel to feel that rush xD

I went for bungie jumping ^^
and having new toys at home :D
Of course being a severe A junkie, me and Hanz have to get our shot from somewhere extreme....
We're getting our shots from half the wheels now, since my 4 wheels are still in the work shed and Hanz's just simply became obsolete :P
But my bike being abit older than Hanz R1, I had to send it for some maintenance and tuning before trying my luck with her :P

 Stripping the new baby and making sure everything is clean and top notch....
 Prepping her for her dyno test...
 Tuning at work... we were able to squeze 149 WHP with 100 Nm of twist... I think that is enough for little me :P
Having our first 2 wheel trip... the trip is not all rosy and adventurist as I was expecting... it was more of crushed testicles, smelly pits, can't feel my fingers and hip turned into smithereens xD

So now we're just trying out different stuff in our life and cars has taken a back seat... but I still dream of the day I can attack the touge with my trusty Old Kate again, so here is a vid of old compilations I did out of boredom... :P
And a picture of in my opinion possible the best R33 GTR in Malaysia which I happen to stumble upon :D

I always have a soft spot for R33 GTRs... since they are the first car that got me hooked, its more like a sentiment for first love :P
Hopefully this blog won't be as dead as it was in the past couple of month, I hope in the near future Kate will see daylight again... and then we can start rocking the touge streets again^^


  1. ariff johanis's GTR! what a beast.

  2. Oh you know the GTR owner? I just happened to pass by and snap some pix :P