Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bukit Putus Track Day

I guess this is old news by now but what the heck =.=

Last weekend Keisuke and I went to our first sanctioned event outside of the tracks xD
Although its no time attack competition but nevertheless it is a sanctioned events held at the confines of the touge organized by Wheelspin Motorsport^^

How much better can it get? no cops to bugger us, no incoming traffic to worry about... but the touge roads all just for us to reach for the sky ;)

The night before the track day I went over and stay overnight at Keisuke's in laws place in Senawang, our plan was to go there early and have fun all day... unfortunately our plan went AWOL :P

We see our first daylight at half past 9 in the morning o.O getting ready and having breakfast eats up the minutes to 10 o'clock :P
We thought we have missed the registration time for the event and we were having doubts as to whether to join them or not... but we figured since we're here... why not give it a shot^^

So after breakfast off we went to Bukit Putus... once we're there our self esteem took another death blow >.<

Track cars and semi pro drivers everywhere o.O

We were starting to think to ourselves... why the heck we came all the way here to get our ass kicked? xD
We quietly hid Kate behind one of the tow trucks and try to blend in with the crowds :P
While trying to blend in we met our friends from Touge G who was there since last night having some midnight BBQ at the peak^^

We were still having doubts as to register ourselves but after some persuasion from Taka (or maybe some encouragements ;) we decided to gung ho... ditch our stupid self esteem and go all guns blazing^^

We registered 2 drivers and as we were filling up the indemnity form they were already about to start the recce >.<
They hurriedly register us and off we went joining the convoy for the recce... behind the last safety car :P

Obviously being among beat up Rally Cars and local enthusiast car... Kate stood up like a sore thumb o.O

She was getting far more attention than any of me and Keisuke was comfortable with :P

After the recce we made it downhill and line up at the start line for our first heat^^
The marshal was quite surprised we didnt bring any helmet with us :P
We completely forgot xD
Having always doing illegal touge runs... never before it cross our mind to have a helmet at the touge :P
But the marshal was being nice and he let us do the first heat even without our helmet :P
So Keisuke was at the wheel and jump off the starting line with all 300 horses spinning the rear wheel^^

It must be a sight to behold, with Keisuke riding her all the way to the rev limiter, popping up flames and crackling with all 300hp, screaming away in an angry banshee scream... it must probably be like witnessing a Group B monster off the line :P

But then again, the road was so slippery due to the previous night rain... slippery and greasy to be exact... we could hardly put the power down and the wheels would just slip.... we can't even properly heat up the tires and were lacking in grip all the way to the top... not to mention it was the first time any of us test our fate there at Bukit Putus so Keisuke wasnt really going all balls out up the hill >.<

But nevertheless we were starting to get the rhythm of the touge, so we headed back down and patiently wait for our next heat... unfortunately when it was our turn the marshal had decided it was too risky to let us run without any safety helmets so they had us turn around from the starting line and get ourselves a couple of helmet before we can continue xD

So we ignominiously turn around and scamper away from the crowd back to Senawang :P
Since it was almost lunch break so we had our lunch at Keisuke's in-laws place and went off to find ourselves a pair of helmets >.<

Luckily we bought a second hand helmet worth RM20 from the local bike shop, although it's not Sirim approve it doesnt matter for us as long as its dirt cheap >.<

Once we arrived back at Bukit Putus we were greeted with a host of supercars o.O
 A Bosozoku style Toyota Crown? :P
Keisuke doing the 'Redsuns pose'
The crowd just gets bigger >.<
And the beautiful F20 engine AE86 already had an accident and was missing its front bumper... it was a grim premonition for us o.O

If the AE86 could lose control up there at the touge... what are our chances of not facing the same fate? >.<

That thought linger in my mind as I prepared to make my launch.... I have to admit my launch was not a perfect one... although must be very crowd friendly since I made quite a smoke spectacle :P

The first half going uphill I was being cautious, not even going into 3rd gear since I was still assessing the road conditions and getting the rhythm right, but once I was getting my confidence we hit higher gear^^

I was controlling the slides to a minimum trying to extract that extra speed out of the corners... the sound Kate made at the hills must be heard to believe^^
She was popping up flames and screeching the tires to the excitement of the crowd^^
The second half of my run was sheer adrenaline fun^^ we forgot about our inferiority complex and even sometimes bordering on dangerous since this was still my first hot lap up Bukit Putus >.<

But all good things must come to an end and we parked up the peak... once our adrenaline settles down we were split whether to make a huge turn around using the highway or just make the downhill turn when the next stream of participants started arriving... the AE86, some wira rally cars and Daihatsu....

As we saw everyone lining up for the downhill we just decided to join in the crowd :P
But our confidence level was top notch at the time we decided to please the crowds lining up the road going downhill.... once we see a hairpin corner with clear exit we burn the rubber and make a simple power over drift ^^
 Heading back down from our heat^^

The next heat Keisuke was at the wheel again, but this time we had made a new friend who is a rally co-driver and driving a 1.3 Daihatsu rally car... which we've decided to make a 2 car run up the hill^^

This was getting exciting... a touge battle with our talent the limit, Keisuke was getting pumped up^^

After being properly beaten at Kg. Gajah last time around this time we're concentrating on keeping our heads cool when the action gets hot... so Keisuke jumps off the starting line with the launch precision that never ceases to amaze me and with so much power difference the battle is probably over just after the starting line >.<

Keisuke made such a healthy lead that he never really saw whats the distance between him and our new friend up the back...
And Keisuke being far more comfortable with Kate than he was in the morning started to drift her through the tight turns....

Seeing how excited the crowd was, Keisuke was getting excited as well... he started drifting at all the corners >.<
Even up to the point where we were sliding outward towards the guard rail but Keisuke would just continue the drift without any worries ^^

It was sheer fun!!! Once we reached the peak his time was somewhat off my time by around 2 seconds probably but he was having so much fun that he commented afterwards "I know its not fast... but I was just riding the crowd"^^

Unfortunately that was our last run of the day... Keisuke made our traditional power over drift around the corners with crowd just to please them one last time^^

Once we're back down... we say our goodbyes and off we went our separate ways... I dropped off Keisuke at Senawang and headed back to KL with a happy grin and satisfaction of a fun filled day at that tight winding Bukit Putus Touge^^

Keisuke did took a video recording of my run up the hill but unfortunately we ran out of memory to record Keisuke's run... and since the camera belongs to his inlaws... we forgot to take the video as well xD
So hopefully we'll get the video in the future ;)
 Before I left I had a meeting with the future world champion xD

ps : pictures are courtesy of Taka, Allen Aznan and Mohd Shahjehan Maamin

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