Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yes, as you've guessed it... this sudden influx of post is due to my boredom :P

I suddenly found my self with internet access and not much to do... just passing my days waiting for my rotation to come back home^^

And during these times of boredom I stumbly upon a jewel among the millions of motorspot vids posted around the web^^

This vid is a must see for racing avids and enthusiast such as my self... the vid itself stirs the soul^^

Also this is an old vid, but nevertheless awe inspiring and make my blood boiling just itching to get behind the wheel and hit the road for an adrenaline filled adventure^^

I've also stumbled upon an old vid of a very peculiar Group B rally car, an RX-7!!! o.o
Those were the days of insane rally cars... the Group B, they were so fast that it was banned just 4 years after it was conceived... and now its legacy has become legends^^
But I'm surprised to find this RX-7 in Group B... but nevertheless the pure sound of rotary engine is enough to wake me up in the morning everyday^^

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