Friday, March 26, 2010

Some night out...

Yeah I just came back from my weeks long holiday and back to the free internet connection world (You have to pay for everything in Europe) xD

hahaha... I had so much free time that I was able to browse old vids and compile them to make a short movie^^

The battle in the movie was taken a few days before Keisuke's shocking defeat and consequence successive beatings with Hanz Neo xD (Check out his post "The Ghost of Tekali")
I put some "funny" disclaimer at the intro just for some sense of humour and also Keisuke's and Hanz colourful comment xD

But now the Circus has been fitted with a roll-cage and some better sets of rubber, although I havent had my "avenge" battle yet but Hanz has unfortunately crashed his Neo (Thank god you're okay mate^^)

O well.... guess there is no rematch with his Neo I guess, but once I'm back in Malaysia trying out the Flying Circus is my top priority :D

Until then, enjoy the vid^^

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