Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Echo of the soul^^

After almost 1 month not touching the Flying Circus has left me rather restless...
until last Monday, we took the Flying Circus home from our Mechanic friend Hau^^

The rumble of the 13B rotary just stirred my soul, the touch of the throttle excites my inner side^^ immediately I floored the throttle and the Circus went to almost sonic boom^^

Keisuke and I tested the FC on the Putrajaya highway for old time sake and we noticed that since we installed the new FEED exhaust the top end speed is quite affected but the low end response I guess more than make it up^^

And as the sun falls we tested the FC at our regular ground... Bangi touge.

With Cloud driving his trusty and Bling Bling Clim Hazard along^^ we went right after midnight.

This is the FC's first touge outing since Keisuke's shocking defeat at Hanz Neo... and what we found out was that we were consistently slower by 10-20 seconds than our best times at Bangi.

What bothered us the most was the body roll we're suffering, most likely from our Sepang adventures that has literally took its toll on the old lady's chassis rigidity.

Being 23 years old, subjected to excruciating side G's at the track and numerous accidents it suffered under its 5 previous owners... the chassis seem to has suffered severely...

Compared to Hanz Neo with new chassis complete with all the Ultra Racing Bars installed and RM350++ tyres apiece... it made mince meat of our old Circus with only RM300 for 4 tyres I hate to admit it but the Campro pawned Rotary Turbo T.T

Although now the tyres has more grip at hand but the chassis just cant harness it, and with us demanding more grip level just cant chew this bitter fruit...

With fresh from defeat its time to up the level of the FC, we would need to address the chassis rigidity issue of the circus... and so far a competition grade 10-point roll cage is waiting to be installed^^

Hura!!!! and hopefully we'll get our selves a set of high grip tyres it will be back at Touge battles for the Circus, Hanz just need to wait until then ;)

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