Thursday, September 4, 2008

Interesting clips

Yeah I'm bored again, and when I'm bored I surf the vast archive of YouTube.... xD
You'll never know what kind of new clips you can stumble upon there^^

And here are a couple of racing clips that really satiate my longing for my FC T.T
A Best Motoring race between RE AMEMIYA RX-7, Yoshio Factory S15 and Aqua Impreze at Ebisu Circuit, Orido and Akira displays amazing racing skills in the race as their battle really heated up in the middle of the race^^ enjoy..

And here is another clip that is worth noting, a revival of the famous Midnight Club!!?? O.o
Well none of them mention of being a member of the Midnight Club, its just the title of the video mention it xD
but man their cars really burns the Wangan xD

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